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Object documentationClassification


Set type that defines the processing of a financing in Accounting. The classification of a financing is required for tax determination, for example.


You use the Classification (CRM_FS_CLASSIF) set type to enter the accounting principles used to classify the financing product, for example operating lease (OL) or capital lease (CL).

In Customizing for SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), you use distribution chains to specify which accounting principles can be used for the set type. In Customizing you also specify which classification values (such as OL or CL) are allowed for each accounting principle.

In Customizing for tax determination in Leasing, you can define an accounting principle as tax relevant. This accounting principle determines the method of calculating taxes and means that a classification is required in the CRM system. All other accounting principles are included in the CRM document for information purposes only.

Note Note

The Customizing settings for accounting principles and classification values must be identical in SAP CRM and SAP ERP.

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You can enter the accounting principles and classification values in the master data of the financing product. When you create a leasing document, the system enters these values as initial values in the document. You can change the classification values in the document and fix these as default settings.

Automatic Classification

In Customizing you can configure action choreographies in such a way that the system automatically executes the classification. Before it executes automatic classification, the system checks whether the tax-relevant accounting principle is fixed. If so, the system does not execute the classification. Furthermore, it does not calculate any values for any other accounting principles.

Note Note

If you fix the accounting principle, this does not change the classification value for the tax-relevant accounting principle in the CRM system; calculation of the classification value would unnecessarily increase the workload.

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Automatic classification is set as default in Customizing. This default setting means that the system executes the classification when you choose Save.

Manual Classification

In the leasing document you can use the Classification action to manually execute the classification process in SAP ERP. The results of this process are copied from SAP ERP to SAP CRM and saved in the document. The system executes the classification independent of any fixed entries.

Note Note

The system does not overwrite fixed classification values. If the fixed classification value and the calculated classification value do not match, the system displays an information message.

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