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Function documentationGeneration of Release Dates


This function controls automatic release of rights using generation profiles. This applies to the characteristics of rights dimensions:

  • With a similar structure

  • Whose release dates follow each other according to specific rules

Example Example

You release a specific DVD in the language English for the America territory on 01.06.2004. The DVD is to be released two months later in Europe and four months later in Australia.

End of the example.


You perform license sales for these Intellectual Properties (IPs) on the basis of the release dates generated for specific IPs using this function.


You have defined the profile for generation in the SAP Easy Access menu under Start of the navigation path Industries Next navigation step Intellectual Property Management Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Products Next navigation step Maintain Generation Profiles for Release Dates End of the navigation path .

To obtain more detailed information on the structure of a generation profile, choose Display Documentation (Display Documentation).


You can use the profile you defined for generating release dates for a specific IP and/or for all IPs in an IP group.

Selection Options

The following selection options are available to you:

  • IPs for which release dates are to be changed or generated

  • ID for a generation profile

  • Profile variables

    You have specified a generation profile and confirmed your entry. The system displays any date variables used in the profile. You must now assign date information to the variables displayed. The system can generate rule lines that are based on variables to which you have assigned a date.

  • Generation attributes

    If you do not want to display generated release dates, the contract item or the generation log, the report responds as if it had been started in the background. A list in which the updated release dates and logs are listed is displayed instead of a dialog.