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You can use the part product relationship to link Intellectual Properties (IPs) across several levels.

  • Lower level (subordinate) IPs are displayed in the Parts assignment block.

  • Higher level (superordinate) IPs are displayed in the Part Of assignment block.

In addition, the system displays this linking as a hierarchy in the IP Details assignment block.


You link IPs using the part product relationship to:

  • Document this relationship in the system

  • Perform an expansion of the acquired or sold IP into its parts in license acquisition and license sales contracts

  • Evaluate the relationship in the rights availability analysis

    Example Example

    A season of a TV series is only considered as available if all its episodes, reflected as related parts, are also available.

    End of the example.
  • Evaluate part relationships for the royalties calculation

    Example Example

    You have negotiated a license acquisition contract for a series with an actor. The actor also receives royalties when episode 1, which is part of the series, is sold.

    End of the example.


A product is divided into several hierarchy levels and you want to represent these product relationships in the system.

Example Example

A TV series is divided into several seasons, and these seasons are divided into several episodes as shown in the diagram below.

End of the example.

If you are using by title financial processing and reporting, you must also set the Title Relation indicator. For more information, see Title Hierarchy.

The following checks are executed by the system for the part product relationship:

  • The part relationship type can only be maintained between products of the Intellectual Property product type.

  • If a relationship of the part type is available, a relationship of the package part cannot exist simultaneously and vice versa.

  • An IP cannot appear several times in your relationship tree.