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Object documentationMaterial


IP-related materials, which the licensee often requires to exploit the rights transferred in the license sales contract.


You represent your material master data using the material product type during product maintenance.

The relationship can be used to store information about the material to be shipped if licenses for the corresponding IP are sold.


You have created a separate basis hierarchy and category for materials, in which the mandatory set types for materials and any additional set types that you define have been recorded.

You have assigned product type 01 material to each category.

The basis hierarchy must be assigned to an application. This enables the hierarchy to be used as a basis hierarchy. You do this in Customizing by choosing Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components Next navigation step SAP Product Next navigation step Product Category Next navigation step Assign Category Hierarchies to Applications End of the navigation path.

Assign the basis hierarchy for materials to product type 01 material.