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Background documentationSet Types for Intellectual Property Management


The following set types are specific to the IP product type:

Additional set types are available and are generic for SAP Customer Relationship Management:

In addition, the following functions are available as assignment blocks in the UI:

The Digital Asset function is also available as an assignment block in the UI.

In this case, you must activate the business function Intellectual Property Management (CRM_IPM_1).


The following set types are assigned to all base categories:

  • Rights Owned (IPM_RIGHTSOWN) or Rights Owned With Granting Reference (IPM_ROWN_GRANT)

  • Rights Scope (IPM_RGHT_SCP)

  • Rights Scope Rights Group Assignment (IPM_RGHT_S_I)

Note Note

If you create a new base category you must assign these set types to the new category. If you do not assign these set types, the system cannot display the Rights Scope and Rights Scope – Rights Group assignment blocks. In addition without the Rights Owned or Rights Owned with Granting Reference set types, you cannot define your rights owned (or rights owned with granting reference).

End of the note.


To define set types and their attributes, see Set Type Maintenance.