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  CRM Territory Hierarchy

Technical Name: 0CRM_TR_HIER

Technical Data

DataSource Type


Application Components


Available as from OLTP Release

CRM 4.0

Available as from PlugIn Release




This DataSource is one of several that enable you to extract Territory Managementinformation from your CRM system to the Business Information Warehouse. Territory information can then be used to analyze sales data according to the territories created in the CRM system, for example, a comparison of planned and actual sales figures by territory.

The CRM Territory Hierarchy DataSource extracts the territory hierarchy structure.

Delta Update

There is no delta update for hierarchy information.

Particular Features of the Extractor

The hierarchy catalog provides a list of hierarchies in as snapshots so that you can view the hierarchy as it was in the previous twelve months, as it is in the current month, and as it will be in the future twelve months.