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Procedure documentationSaving Mass Change Templates


You can save mass change procedures if you wish to access them at a later time. Saved procedures are called mass change templates.


  1. After you define or modify a mass change template, select Save as Template.

  2. The Save as Template dialog box appears. Specify the required details and choose the Save button to continue:

    • Template type field

      Specify the template type to which you wish to group this template.

      A template type allows you to group mass change templates together for better management and organization. It also limits the use of a mass change template to users with specific authorizations, thereby preventing unauthorized use.

      Template types are defined by way of the Define Mass Change Template Types Customizing activity (from SAP Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, select Start of the navigation path Industry-Specific Solutions Next navigation step Media Next navigation step Intellectual Property Management Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Mass Changes End of the navigation path).

    • Template ID field

      Specify an ID for the mass change template.

    • Description and Note fields

      Specify a description for the mass change template as well as any notes you wish to add.

    • Template Status field

      Specify the status of the mass change template (Draft, Obsolete, Released).

      Template status is related to authorization. For more information, refer to the corresponding authorization documentation for the CRM_MASS authorization object.

      Furthermore template status is related to its visibility to users. For example, templates with the status Obsolete will not be displayed on the mass change template value help.