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Object documentationBanking Customer Quote


A quotation by the bank to a customer for an agreement on banking products and banking services with specific terms and conditions.

To use this object, you must activate business function CRM-FS, Guided Loan Origination Process (CRM_FS_NBRNWL_1).


Banking customer quotes contain products from the broad range of financial services. Typical banking products and services include retail loans or installment loans.

You can use banking customer quotes to confirm to your business partner that the bank will conclude the contract for the specified banking products. A banking customer quote captures the details of the offer given to the customer. These include, for example, information about the sales product, business partner details, organization unit details, pricing and payment conditions, payment plan, collateral constellation details, and calculated personal financial statement ratios.

A banking customer quote is based on business transaction type BKQ1 (Banking Customer Quote). For more information about business transactions, see Business Transaction and Business Transaction Customizing.

You create banking customer quotes for financial services in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and enter the relevant data.

Calculation functions that you use in banking customer quotes can be located in a connected account-managing system.

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Make sure that your account-managing system meets the requirements needed to run these functions.

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You can release banking customer quotes and send them in an adjudication process. The related document is verified and approved. Then the document is signed by the customer. This triggers a process that results in the creation of a banking sales contract in SAP CRM and the creation of the operational contract in the connected back-end system. For more information about banking sales contracts, see Banking Sales Contract.

The following figure shows an overview of the functions and relationships in account origination with banking customer quotes:

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(*1) The systems in the External Systems column can be SAP components or components from other manufacturers.

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For more information about the maintenance of banking customer quotes, see Maintenance of a Banking Customer Quote.


In Case Management, you can generate a banking customer quote from a case. If the case was created from a banking-specific opportunity, then the system transfers the data you entered in the opportunity to the quotation. You can create a banking customer quote for each selected product in the Items assignment block of the banking opportunity.

For more information about banking opportunities, see Opportunity with Transaction Type OPBA (Banking Opportunity).