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Object documentationUnits of Measure


Technical name: COMM_PR_UNIT

Set type containing a base unit of measure, alternative units of measure, and the conversion factors for these units, that is how the alternative unit of measure is converted to the base unit of measure.


Products can be stored, sold, and delivered in various units of measure. The following units can be specified for products:

  • Base unit of measure

  • Alternative unit of measure

  • Sales unit (part of sales data)

  • Delivery unit (part of sales data)

The base unit of measure is the basic unit used for these processes. It is automatically used as the basis for calculations if no other unit is specified. To use other units of measure, they must first be defined as alternative units of measure with conversion factors.

In business transactions, such as the sales order, you can replace the base unit of measure proposed by the system with an alternative unit of measure. Quantities specified in alternative units of measure are automatically converted to the base unit of measure.

You can define any number of alternative units of measure. For materials (not for services), you can also enter weights, volumes, and dimensions for each unit of measure.

Note Note

When you change a unit of measure or conversion factor for a particular product, these changes will apply to any pricing records that exist for this particular product.

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You can only use base units of measure that have been defined in Customizing for SAP Web Application Server, by choosing Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step Check Units of Measurement End of the navigation path