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Function documentationMapping of Objects


Caution Caution

This mapping of objects is needed only for technical product bundle products, for example for bundled retail mortgage loan products such as FS_BUNDLE 05.

For more information about the maintenance of object data in an opportunity with transaction type OPBA, see Maintenance of a Banking Opportunity.

End of the caution.

In account origination with bundled retail mortgage loan products, you use products of the type Material and category Real Estateto map assets or objects to be financed, for example.

Note Note

In the standard system for account origination, you can enter only objects of the category Real Estate.

End of the note.

The real estate products that you create in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) do not correspond to your customer's individual objects but are a template. You do not define specific data, such as the size of the residential space or the real estate value, until you use the products in the business transaction.


You have defined the required object types in Customizing.

For more information, see Customizing for Financial Services under Start of the navigation path Account Origination Next navigation step Financial Service Product (FS Product) Next navigation step Property Values Next navigation step Real Estate Next navigation step Define Object Types End of the navigation path.

Caution Caution

When you create a collateral constellation, SAP CRM transfers the object type to the connected collateral-managing system; the agreement types defined in SAP CRM must therefore match the agreement types in the collateral-managing system.

For more information about the configuration of the ContractOrigination and LoanContractOrigination business scenarios, see SAP Solution Manager.

End of the caution.


  • Since you map objects as products of the type Material and the category Real Estate, you manually create a Real Estatecategory in the base hierarchy for materials. This category must contain at least the following set types:

Required set types for the category Real Estate

Set Type Name

Set Type ID



Basic data: material


Units of measure


Object type


  • When you maintain the master data for a product of the type Material in the category Real Estate, you can select the object types that you defined in Customizing.

  • When you use the product in a business transaction, you can select the object type that matches the actual collateral object.

    In the business transaction, you also define the specific real estate data.

    For more information, see Maintenance of a Real Estate Item.