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Function documentationDistribution of Loan Data


In SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), you create, maintain, and release financial service quotations (FS quotations). The system replicates the contracts for these quotations in the connected loans management system.


  • In Customizing, you have made the necessary settings for creating the asynchronous connection to loans management.

    For more information, see Connection to External Systems Using CRM Middleware.

  • You can use the ContractOrigination or LoanContractOrigination integration scenarios to distribute loan data. For more information about the example configuration of these business scenarios, see SAP Solution Manager.


  • When you set the status of an FS quotation to Signed (when the contract partners have signed the contract), the system transfers the loan data to the connected systems.

    For more information, see Status Management for a Financial Service Quotation.

  • Once SAP CRM has triggered replication of the data in loans management, the following events can occur:

    • If you have created the contract, you see a corresponding entry in the FS quotation in the Document Flow area.

    • If you have not created the contract, you find information about this in Monitoring for XML Messages.

      For more information, look for Central Monitoringin the documentation of SAP NetWeaver at published on SAP site.