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Procedure documentationArchiving Account Origination Data


Account origination offers you different archiving objects.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the principles and functions of data archiving in SAP application systems.

    For more information, see Data Archiving in the SAP Netweaver library.

  2. Archive business objects using the respective archiving object.

    More information:

    Archiving Personal Financial Statements with CRM_FS_PFS

    Archiving Banking Opportunities with CRM_OPPT

    Archiving Quotations and Sales Contracts with CRM_LEAS

To use the following procedures (also listed in more detail above), you must activate the business function CRM-IFS, Guided Loan Origination Process (CRM_FS_NBRNWL_1):

  • Archiving personal financial statements with CRM_FS_PFS

  • Archiving opportunities with transaction type OPBA with CRM_OPPT

  • Archiving banking sales contracts with CRM_LEAS