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Procedure documentationDefining and Executing a New Mass Change Procedure for Online Execution


Online processing mode permits you to execute the mass change procedure right away.

In this mode, you can also preview the results of the mass change, and subsequently accept or undo your modifications.


  1. If you wish to load a mass change template, specify it in the Template ID field.

  2. In the Background Execution field, select No. The system displays the steps of the mass change procedure in the Procedure Overview assignment block.

  3. Choose the Select IPs step, and specify the criteria of the IPs you wish to change:

    • The selection criteria appears in the Select IP Header assignment block.

    • The search results appear in the Result assignment block.

    • For more information on using the search, see Search Tool for the Select Step.

    Once the system locates the IPs, you can choose to include all of them in the subsequent steps, or you can deselect some of them. Alternatively, you can start the search over.

  4. Move to the next step.

    Alternatively, if no additional step is available, select New and specify the required node and operation.

    Depending on the operation and node associated with the step, different assignment blocks appear beneath, allowing you to specify additional details associated with the step:

    • The form view assignment block displays the details of the operation to apply. For example, if you are adding a rights group, the system displays fields were you can specify the details of the rights group to add.

      Note Note

      If you choose a Delete step for any item, the system does not display a form view assignment block

      End of the note.
    • The list view assignment block typically displays the IP nodes on which the operation can be applied.

      Note Note

      An exception to this occurs when you choose the Select operation – in these cases, the Result list view assignment block remains empty until you run the search.

      End of the note.
  5. In the form view assignment block, make your specifications for the step.

    Note Note

    You must make at least one specification in the form view assignment block. If you do not, the step status will not change to Ready for Execution (identified by the green square next to the step number) and the Apply button (see next step), will not be active.

    End of the note.
  6. In the list view assignment block, all the nodes subject to the operation are selected (each item in the assignment block corresponds to a node). You can deselect one or multiple items to exclude specific IP nodes from the step.

  7. Select Apply to execute the operation.

    Note Note

    If you are executing a Select step, no Apply button is available – instead, you choose the Search button.

    End of the note.
  8. Check the results as well as any messages in the Message Log Details assignment block. If required, select Undo to discard the changes.

  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 until you have completed the mass change procedure.

  10. When you are finished, choose Save to save your changes to the database.

Notes on Mass Change Procedures Configured for Online Execution

  • If the system detects that a large number of changes are to be made, it displays a warning and recommends background execution – mass changes of a large number of IPs can take a long time, therefore you should use background execution to avoid timeouts while waiting for the procedure to finish.

  • You can only undo the step that you most recently applied. Any other changes cannot be undone and you will need to cancel the entire procedure if this is required.

  • Some operations cannot be reversed with the Undo function. For more information, see the section Limitations of the Undo Function in Notes on executing an IP mass change procedure

  • The message log details do not appear for Select steps.

  • You can save the mass change procedure as a mass change template.