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Function documentationWorking with Knowledge Articles


You can use this function to obtain information, such as how-to documents, user manuals, or FAQ, to process, for example, incidents, problems, and requests for change that your customers may report.


Knowledge articles are integrated with the following applications in IT service management:

  • Incident

  • Problem

  • Request for change


You have made the following settings for knowledge articles in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management:

  • Specified which groups appear in the authorization scope under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Knowledge Articles End of the navigation path

  • Defined surveys and their determination under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Knowledge Articles Next navigation step Questionnaires End of the navigation path

    The settings you make for surveys in Customizing determine the surveys that appear in the Questionnaires assignment block for knowledge articles.

  • Configured the Software Agent Framework (SAF) under Enterprise Intelligence

    These settings are required to make a connection to the TREX server, which allows for faster searches. For more information, see SAP Solution Manager.

  • Specified the categories to which the knowledge article can be assigned under Start of the navigation path CRM Cross-Application Components Next navigation step Multilevel Categorization End of the navigation path


You can do the following with knowledge articles:

  • Compile knowledge bases for a faster search. When you create a knowledge article in a new language, the system automatically creates a knowledge base index; the system automatically updates an existing index with new or modified knowledge articles. As an interaction center manager, you can delete, re-create, or update an index, as well as set a time and date for compilation.

  • From the Related Transactions assignment block, add knowledge articles to other transactions, for example, service requests, service orders, or complaints, to have direct access to similar issues customers have had. For more information, see IT Service Management.

  • Attach objects, such as documents, cases, business partners, and campaigns to knowledge articles, allowing access to various relevant types of information.

  • Use the auto-suggest knowledge articles function available in the interaction center (IC). When you select a categorization for a business transaction, the system automatically checks for knowledge articles assigned to that categorization. If they exist, the system displays an alert from which you can navigate directly to the related knowledge articles.

  • Create knowledge articles from a template to save time, and also create them in various languages.

    Note Note

    To find a knowledge article that you have created in a particular language, you must set this language as your default logon language before you perform a search.

    End of the note.

To use the auto-suggest knowledge articles function, you must activate the business function Multifunctional Shared Service Interaction Center (CRM_SHSVC).


An interaction center agent receives a call from a customer who has a problem with his or her monitor. The agent creates an incident, then searches for a related knowledge article. The agent finds a troubleshooting document relevant for solving the incident, and helps the customer resolve the issue with the monitor. After the call is over, the agent adds this knowledge article to the incident to help fellow employees in the future.

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