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Event AG: Instead of 'Get original' for Texts in Other Languages  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



This event occurs at the 'Get original' function which gets the language-dependent texts as well as the original from the database. A different logic from the standard can run, for example to also process text fields which are not in the table/view, but are displayed on the maintenance screen.


The standard routine VIM_READ_TEXTTAB_ENTRY can be a template for the realization of the user routine.

The following global data is available:

The text data for the current entry in the internal table <VIM_TEXTTAB> must be updated in the user routine, depending on the value of the processing flag:

no action required

new entry. The entry must be deleted from the internal table.

The text data are fetched from the database and the value ORIGINAL is assigned to the processing flag.

The key of the current entity is in the field symbol <VIM_EXTRACT_KEY>. The field symbol <VIM_EXT_MKEY_BEFORE> must be used instead of <VIM_EXTRACT_KEY> for time-dependent entities with time-independent texts.

The check for texts for the entity key need only be made in one language. If no entry is found in the internal table HyperLink: TX.SM30_EXIT_TEXTTAB <VIM_TEXTTAB> v> , there will be no entries in other languages either.


Certain program statements must be inserted at the end of the routine, depending on the processing of internal table <VIM_TEXTTAB>: