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Event AF: Instead of Reading Texts in Other Languages  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



This event occurs at the 'Translation' function. Texts are read in and made available for translation according to the selected languages. A different logic from the standard can run, for example:


This event also occurs if time-dependent entries are restricted by time-dependent texts. In this case, the language-dependent texts must be read in in all languages.


The standard routine VIM_READ_TEXTTAB_FOR_LANGUS can be a template for the realization of the user routine. The user routine does not need a parameter like the standard routine.

In contrast to other events, the user routine must conform to the following interface convention:


The language-dependent texts must be read in to the internal table <VIM_TEXTTAB>. Each language can only be read in once during the maintenance dialog.

The entity read selection conditions must be applied (internal table DBA_SELLIST). The texts can be read in in various ways:

Only the texts for the languages which are not yet in the internal table <VIM_TEXTTAB> are read in in the standard. The languages in the transfer table SEL_LANGUS are read in if they have not already been read in. This is checked in the internal table <VIM_READ_LANGUS>. Only the texts for languages are read in which are in SEL_LANGUS but not in <VIM_READ_LANGUS>. As soon as a language is read in, it is entered in the internal table <VIM_READ_LANGUS> to ensure correct reading in future.

All texts can be read in at once. Rereading must be avoided.

Only the texts in the languages in the transfer table SEL_LANGUS are displayed.


If the internal tables <VIM_TEXTTAB> or <VIM_READ_LANGUS> have been modified, the following statement must be at the end of the routine:


The following internal tables are available for the realization of the user routine: