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SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)

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This Business Function allows you to use various enhancements for processes in Plant Maintenance.


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Business Intelligence content

SAP Netweaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 4 SP00

Enhancements in vehicle consumption analysis


The individual enhancements that are available are described below.

Generic object services in maintenance order

If you have assigned one or more assets to an order by using generic object services, this is shown by an icon. The assets can be called directly with the icon.

Requirement date in maintenance order

In an order, you can enter or change the requirement date manually on the detail screen for the component. This automatically sets a checkbox, and the system does not recalculate the requirement date if the order is rescheduled.

Maintenance plan not immediately released

You can set an indicator in the maintenance plan item to define that any orders created from the maintenance plan during scheduling are not released immediately. This overrides the "Set released status immediately" indicator in Customizing for the order type, if this indicator is set in Customizing.

Action log in task lists

Changes to task lists for pieces of equipment and functional locations, and general maintenance task lists, are recorded in the action log. This enables you to track who has made which status or data changes to which fields, and when. Changes to task lists with change numbers are also recorded in the action log.

Fleet management

In fleet management, the reference object view has been extended.

You can cancel measuring points and goods movements that you have entered with consumption-relevant measurement document entry.

In the vehicle consumption analysis (MCIZ), you can use US units of measure. The output length of the service station in the transaction for consumption-relevant measurement document entry has been increased from 3 to 4 characters.

Note Note

Only if you want to use the enhancements in vehicle consumption analysis, you must also implement SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content.

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Inspection rounds

In general task lists and orders, you can specify functional locations and/or pieces of equipment at operation level. You can also connect measuring points and counters to the operations. You can use a general task list in a maintenance plan or in preventive maintenance. In the overall completion confirmation, the the measuring points that are planned as production resources/tools are proposed automatically for the creation of measurement documents.

For more information, see Inspection rounds.

Work clearance management

There are two new documents:

  • Lineup

  • Verification list

A lineup consists of one or more verification lists. A verification list groups several technical objects, for checking the current operational conditions as compared with the expected operational conditions.

For more information, see Lineup.

Synchronization of the work center in order/notification

There is a Business Add-In (BAdI) for synchronizing the responsible work center in a maintenance or service order with the related maintenance or service notification.

Pool asset management archiving

You can archive two tables from the Pool Asset Management (PAM) application:

  • PAMS_NEED (Requirements — objects to be scheduled)

  • PAMS_SPLIT (Splits — objects to be scheduled)

Both tables have been added to the existing archiving object PM_QMEL.

Archiving of equipment: Customer-Specific Checks

You can use three new Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) to run customer-specific checks when archiving equipment.

Multilevel lists for technical objects

You can display maintenance planning data in multilevel lists for equipment and functional locations.

Authorization checks for order transactions

The authorization checks for the order transaction have been extended. This development is implemented as a BAdI implementation for BAdI BADI_EAM_AUTHORITY_CHECK_ORDER.

Personal worklists for maintenance plans, service orders, and maintenance orders

The Business Package for Service Provider contains worksets for the integration of personal worklists for service providers, for example, for resource-related billing, maintenance plans, and service and maintenance orders. This business package is available without a business function switch. For more information, see Business Package for Service Provider.