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Object documentationCatalog Variant


A variant of a product catalog, containing a specific language, currency, or distribution chain, for example. Created on the basis of the same set of product catalog data.


You use catalog variants to tailor your product catalog to meet your individual needs. For example, you can create a catalog in English with the prices displayed in US Dollars. Or a catalog in German with the prices displayed in Euros. This is displayed in the diagram below.

Each catalog must contain at least one catalog variant, for which you must define the following data:

  • Language

    Specify the language in which you want to process the description of the catalog variant. You can create catalog variants for one catalog in several languages.

  • Currency

    Specify the currency to be displayed for product prices in the variant.

  • Unit of measurement type

    Specify whether the unit of measurement used is the base unit, sales unit, order unit. The units of measurement are defined for products in the product master data.

  • Pricing Procedure

    Specify a pricing procdure for the variant. The pricing procedure determines the pricing conditions for the catalog variant and their sequence.

  • Sales organization, responsible sales organization, distribution channel, and header division

    Define the organizational unit, that you require for the processing of a sales order, for example, the distribution chain that consists of the sales organization and distribution channel. Price and delivery data, and which products belong to the catalog variant are dependent on the distribution chain. The header division appears in the created order.

    You create organizational models for sales organizations and distribution channels in SAP CRM using transaction PPOMA_CRM.

    Prerequisite: You have set up organizational data determination in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Organizational Management End of the navigation path.