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Function documentationXML Export of Catalog Variants


This function enables you to export catalog variants in an XML file from SAP CRM to other systems, for example, to a business partner's system. The export is carried out using export profiles which you create for each business partner.


  • You have activated your product catalog, variant, areas, and items

  • You have created multimedia profiles in Customizing for Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Product Catalog Next navigation step Define Multimedia Profiles for XML Export End of the navigation path.

  • If you want to export your catalog using SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI), you have installed and configured XI to work with your CRM Web Channel application, SAP CRM, and your file system. For more information on configuring the applications with CRM Web Channel, see the configuration documentation for the product catalog in SAP Solution Manager.

  • You have created a share folder for saving the XML file containing the catalog data (for example a subfolder \export_crm). This folder must be created on the server where the system is running. You need write access to this folder.


Export Profiles

The export is carried out using export profiles which you create for each business partner. The profile determines how the export is carried out and what information the business partner receives. You can create as many export profiles as you like, and set one to standard, so that it is automatically used unless you choose otherwise. This means you can set up a default export which you would use in 95% of the time for a business partner and set this to default, but also create other exports profiles for the business partner for one-off cases.

You maintain the following data to create an export profile in catalog maintenance in SAP CRM:





General Data


Export profile ID


Business Partner

Business partner for whom you are creating the export profile.


Standard Profile

Select if you are creating various profiles for a business partner, and wish this to be the default choice.



Product Key

Used by the XML file to recognize the product. The key can be either the product ID or the product order number.


Multimedia Profile

Profile containing the URL and file path where your multimedia objects are stored.


XML Format

XML format to be used for the catalog created during export via download to a file.

You can choose one of the following formats: EBP XML, SAP XML, PDA XML, xCBL XML.


Price Determination

Partner For Prices

Enables the download of customer-specific prices for products involved in the export.

To download list prices select the List Price field for products in the catalog; do not enter a business partner.


List Prices

You determine prices and pricing scales that apply to entire customer groups and are not customer-specific in condition tables. You use these condition tables to read the list prices when exporting the catalog.

For more information, see Price Determination.


Data Transfer

Via XI

Enables the use of the XI exchange server for the export.


RFC Destination

Defines the receiving system for the export.



Determines whether the mapping of the XML export file to the business partner system should occur in a different format.

This field is necessary if you are using XI for the export.

Mandatory for XI


Defines the format for the generated catalog in the customers system.

This field is necessary if you are using XI for the export. The catalog is exported to XI in the fixed XML format EBPXML. You can then choose which of the following formats XI transports the exported file to in the customer"s system: BMECAT, Requisite, or XCBL.

Mandatory for XI

Via Download

Select if you want to download the exported catalog to a particular file.


File name

File name to which the export is to be downloaded.


Initial and Delta Exports

Once you have created an export profile, you can export complete catalog variants of the product catalog, or restrict the XML export to selected catalog areas and products in the catalog view. You can:

  • Execute a complete initial export of your product catalog

  • Execute a full export of your product catalog, after initial export has taken place

  • Execute a delta export of product catalog changes

  • Execute the XML export in the background, or schedule it as a periodic batch job

  • Export multimedia objects with the product catalog or only export the product catalog texts

You can choose between list prices, that is prices and pricing scales that apply to all customers, and IPC price calculation, in which case customer-specific pricing can be used. For customer-specific pricing you need to name the relevant business partner.

You carry out the export directly from catalog maintenance in SAP CRM. You maintain the following data to intiate an export:





XML Export

Product Catalog

Catalog containing variant to be exported.


(Automatically filled)

Catalog Variant

Variant to be exported.


Catalog View

View to be exported, if various views are available for the business partner in this variant.


Business Partner

Business partner for whom the export is being carried out.


Complete Download

Select if this is an intial download, or if you want to carry out a further complete download, once the initial download took place.


Export With MIME Objects

Enables the export of multimedia objects. If you only want catalog texts to be exported, do not select this field.