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Object documentationPerson and Organization


Persons and organizations are those parties that are the focus of policing activities and investigative cases. They are typically suspects, victims, witnesses, gangs, or criminal organizations, and professionals working on their behalf, such as lawyers and doctors. They do not include those parties working in a professional capacity for the law enforcement agency.


While persons and organizations are the focus of investigative cases the entire set of parties involved in investigative case management is much larger. An overview of typical parties and their representation in the system is provided below:

Parties (Examples)



Criminals, suspects, witnesses, victims

Any individual identified as being of interest to an investigation or incident.

ICM persons

Gangs, criminal organizations, victims

A formal or informal group of individuals with a common interest, constituting the focus of a law enforcement agency.

ICM organizations

Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, surveyors

Those working on behalf of suspects, victims, witnesses.

ICM persons

Police officers, inspectors, crime scene investigators

Internal professionals working for the law enforcement agency.

Individual accounts

Employees of police organization

Members of the law enforcement agency.


Note Note

If an internal employee who already has an employee record in the system becomes relevant to a case, for example, as suspect or witness, a new business partner record, that is an ICM person, has to be created.

This is due to country-specific legal regulations that stipulate that data related to investigative cases has to be deleted or expunged after a certain period of time.

End of the note.

State attorneys or partner police officers

External professionals working together with the law enforcement agency.

Individual accounts

Acting police organization, partner police organization, or the state attorney’s office

Internal or external professional organizations.

Corporate accounts and organizational model for internal police organization structure.

Note Note

Relationships cannot be created to law enforcement organizational units.

End of the note.


Persons and organizations in investigative case management are based on standard business partner functionality. Certain functions are therefore directly reused and others have been modified for ICM purposes.

You make the Customizing settings as follows:

  • For standard business partners in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Business Partner End of the navigation path

  • For ICM persons and organizations in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Industry-Specific Solutions Next navigation step Public Sector Next navigation step Investigative Case Management Next navigation step Persons and Organizations End of the navigation path

    In the Customizing activity Exclude ICM Persons and Organizations from Account and Contact Search you exclude ICM persons and organizations from the standard search for accounts and contacts.