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Function documentationERMS Responses


There are several types of E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) responses you can use to automate e-mail processing. This automated processing saves agents time in compiling and searching for information and ensures consistent handling and messaging to customers. You can use mail forms to configure the e-mail content for the responses.


  • You have defined mail forms in the CRM WebClient user interface. You can access this function under Start of the navigation path Knowledge Management Next navigation step Mail Forms End of the navigation path.

  • You have defined multilevel categorization. (Not relevant for Auto Acknowledgements)

  • You have defined a rule policy with the Send Auto Acknowledgement, Auto Respond, and/or Auto Prepare actions.

  • You have assigned mail forms to actions in the CRM WebClient UI or to categories through multilevel categorization.


The following is a list of responses you can determine for ERMS:

  • Auto Acknowledgement

    When an e-mail is received, the system can send an automatic acknowledgment informing the sender that the e-mail was received. If the business partner is identified, you can use business partner attributes, such as first and last name, to personalize the response.

  • Auto Response

    The system can send a solution or a response automatically, without intervention from agents, based upon the e-mail content.

  • Auto Prepare

    Response proposals are similar to auto responses. However, instead of automatically sending the response, the response is reviewed by agents for accuracy. Agents can send, modify, or delete the proposal.

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