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Function documentationERMS E-Mail Push


You can use this function to push e-mails to the communication management software (CMS) for distribution to an interaction center (IC) agent.

When e-mail is routed to an agent, the Accept and Reject context area buttons allow the agent to decide whether or not to accept the inbound message. If the agent accepts the e-mail, the system searches for the business partner based on the e-mail address. The agent can then use standard e-mail functions in the e-mail editor view.


You have specified Inbox as the e-mail provider for the e-mail profile in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path IC WebClient Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Communication Channels Next navigation step Define E-Mail Profiles End of the navigation path.


  • Create rules in the ERMS context to push e-mail to the CMS for distribution

    Example Example

    You can create the following rule policy in the ERMS context:


    If E-Mail Sender Equals


    Push E-Mail to IC WebClient Agent

    End of the example.
  • Configure a CMS system ID that points to a CMS system that supports action routing

    Create an entry for the CMS system ID ERMS_ACTION. You do this on the SAP Easy Access screen under Start of the navigation path Interaction Center Next navigation step Interaction Center WebClient Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Communication Management Software Next navigation step Interface Settings Next navigation step Maintain Communication Management Software Connections End of the navigation path.