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This function checks if the external data contains correct postal information. For example, the system checks if the specified street exists in the corresponding city


You have maintained the activity Activate Postal Check in Customizing. For more information, see Customizing for Customer Relationship Management   Marketing   External List Management   Activate Postal Check  .


  • To execute this step, select the Check Postal Correctness option and set the start data.

  • Errors could be caused by erroneous address data or other system-related problems.

    Errors occurring during the execution of the Postal Check step are logged. These errors can be identified if the button next to Check Postal Correctnesscontains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by clicking this button.

    Note Note

    While creating business partners, the records that are marked as incorrect are not processed.

    End of the note.
  • Third-party software can be used for postal checks. To locate certificated partners, click Software Partner Directory on the page and select Business Address Services under By Software Category. For more information, access to view the Service Marketplace. Click Documentation and select the topic How to use the Interfaces for Postal Validation and Duplicate Check & Error-Tolerant Search.

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