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This function enables data to be uploaded from a file on the workstation to the SAP CRM database tables for External List Management (ELM).


  • To execute this step, select Read File and specify the start data.

  • To repeat this step, choose Read File again, specify the start data, and save the external list.

    Note Note

    Once business partners have been created in the step Business Partner Maintenance, you cannot repeat the step Read File.

    End of the note.
  • Errors occurring during the upload of the file into the database table are logged. These errors can be identified if the button next to Read File contains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by clicking on Error.

  • If you select the data file from the workstation, a temporary application server file is created. After the Read File step is successfully completed, the temporary application server file is deleted. Further processing for this external list is done using the data from the SAP CRM tables.

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