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You can use this function to check if the external data record already exists as a business partner in SAP CRM.


You have executed the Customizing activity Activate Duplicate Check. You can find more information in Customer Relationship Management Customizing by choosing   Marketing   External List Management   Activate Duplicate Check  .


  • Choose the Duplicate Check option and determine the start date.

    Note Note

    If you execute this step after the step Maintain Business Partner, all external records for which business partners were created are marked as duplicates.

    The External List Analysis in SAP NetWeaver BI will fail because all business partners created are duplicates.

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  • Errors can be caused by erroneous external data or system-related problems.

    Errors that occur when executing the Duplicate Check step are logged. These errors can be identified when the button next to Duplicate Check in the Process Steps assignment block contains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by selecting this icon.

    Note Note

    During the creation of business partners, records marked as incorrect are not processed.

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  • You must use third-party software for the duplicate check. You can find a directory of certified partners at the Internet address Search for Business Address Services there. You can find more information on the SAP Service Marketplace at Select Documentation and then the topic How to use the Interfaces for Postal Validation and Duplicate Check & Error-Tolerant Search.