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This function enables you to perform mapping between list data and the SAP Business Partner structure according to the mapping rules that you have defined in the mapping format.


You have executed the External List Upload step or selected the step for execution.


  • To map the data, choose the Map Data step and determine the start dates.

  • Once this step has been executed, you can see the successfully mapped records using Display Data Records.

  • Errors may occur in the process due to erroneous external data or system-related problems.

    Errors occurring during the execution of the Map Data step are logged. These errors can be identified if the button next to Map Data on the Process Steps assignment block contains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by clicking this button and subsequently corrected.

  • If mapping rules are not maintained for the mapping format, the system attempts to map the data using the Business Add-In (BAdI) Define Execution of Steps to map and convert data using the method MAP_AND_CONVERT_DATA. This method MAP_AND_CONVERT_DATA is called only if the used mapping format does not contain any fields.

  • If no active implementation is located for the mapping format, the system uses the default implementation. If you have enhanced the structure fields in the default implementation, then you must ensure that the length of the field name does not exceed 25 characters. This is because five characters are needed to build a prefix like PERS_.

  • In a B2B context, if the fields for organization and person are mapped, more than one contact person for an organization can be created later on in the step Maintain Business Partners. In this case the data file must have the same number of records for an organization as the number of contact persons. Each of these B2B records must contain information about the same organization as well as information about different contact persons.

    Example Example

    Here is an example of the file content:

    Entry 1: Organisation A, Person A-1

    Entry 2: Organisation A, Person A-2

    Entry 3: Organisation B, Person B-1

    Entry 4: Organisation C, Person B-1

    End of the example.
  • During mapping, the content of the fields ORG_NAME1, ORG_NAME2, ORG_NAME3, ORG_CITY, ORG_POSTL_COD1, POSTL_COD2, and ORG_STREET are used by the system to determine identical organizations within the list. The content of these fields must be identical for all records that belong to one organization.