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This function allows the deletion of external lists and related data. Deletions may be a requirement of the contract with the data vendor.

Note Note

  • Business partners created from a rented external list are deleted only if they are flagged as Rented at the time of external list deletion and if they are not used in any business transactions such as inbound activities, sales orders, or leads.

  • Outbound activities are the exception. Business partners that are flagged as Rented and used in Outbound Activities are deleted with the deletion of the external list. However, the outbound activity itself is not deleted.

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  • To execute this step, select the step Delete External List and set the start data.

    Note Note

    • Rented business partners are physically deleted from the system.

    • Business partners created from an external list that is not rented are not deleted.

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  • Errors occurring during deletion are logged.

    These errors can be identified if the button next to Delete External List contains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by clicking this button.

    Note Note

    • Created or updated target group and profile set are not deleted.

    • Deleted business partners are not removed from the target group.

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