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This function enables the maintenance of target groups from a new or existing profile set. It also provides for the assignment of business partners created from the external list to this target group.

Note Note

In the case of B2B data, organizations and related persons are added to the target group, while in the case of B2C data, persons are added to the target group.

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  • To execute this step, select the Maintain Target Group option, specify the target group and profile set details and set the start data.

  • Errors occurring during the execution of the Maintain Target Group step are logged. These errors can be identified if the button next to Maintain Target Group on the Process Steps tab page contains a red icon. Error details can be viewed by clicking this button.

    Note Note

    After target groups are created, you cannot change the details of the target group and the related profile set.

    If you repeat this step, only those business partners who could not be added to the target group in the previous execution are added.

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