Business Partner Data Removal Quick Guide

As a data privacy officer or authorized person with data protection responsibilities in your organization, when specifically requested by an employee, you can remove all work agreements (including all application-related dependent data) assigned to the employee in the Personal Data Removal view within the Data Privacy Management work center. In this view, you can:

  • Search for employees in the system and verify address and employee image data to ensure the correct identification of the employee whose personal data is to be deleted

  • Display a summary of all work agreements for a selected employee

  • Verify for each work agreement if the data retention period is completed

  • Select and mark single or multiple work agreements for removal, and trigger the removal process for these agreements

  • Print a summary of the employee's to-be-removed data

Once you have marked work agreements for removal and the removal process has been triggered, the remainder of the process is performed in the background by the system. You can view details on the status of these background processes using an application log. For more information on background removal runs, see Automated Data Removal Runs in the Business Background section of this document.

Additionally, the system logs every data removal action performed in this view. This logging is provided to support auditing of data protection actions in the system. Start the common task View Removal Log to view a log of all data removal instances executed for all employees in your company. The log has a unique ID, provides a short description of the type of data removed and shows when the record was removed and by whom.


  • Almost all personal data is completely removed from the system. However, the basic employee record cannot be completely removed from the Business Partner work center. Here, the remaining employee data is stored in an anonymous format in the system, where all personal data that could directly or indirectly identify the employee is anonymized in the remaining record.

  • The Termination Date for the selected employee in this view is derived from the Valid To field of the basic employee record in the Business Partner work center. If the termination date is set to Unlimited, you cannot remove the employee record from the system.

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  • If you remove all existing work agreements for a selected employee within your companies, the employee record is anonymized in the system.

  • You cannot mark employee data for deletion if the country in which employee works is not supported in Data Privacy Management.

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Authorized Access to Work Agreement Data

You can only view work agreement data in accordance with your Business ByDesign personal authorizations. If work agreements exist for a selected employee that cannot be displayed because of missing authorizations, an information message is displayed. You cannot display the related objects of the work agreements in this view. However, you can display the related work agreement objects in the Personal Data Disclosure view.

Reduced Version of Employee Master Data

If Human Resources is not included in the scope of your Business ByDesign solution, but the Employees and Service Agents business package is, only employee personal data stored in the Business Partner work center is removed. After removal, an anonymized record for the employee remains in the system.

Personal Data Removal from Third-Party Systems

It is not possible to remove your employee's personal data stored in third party systems in this view. Examples of such data are personal data stored in external payroll provider systems that form part of your organization's end-to-end business processes.

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