Personal Data Disclosure Quick Guide

As a data privacy officer or authorized person with data protection responsibilities in your organization, the Personal Data Disclosure view within the Data Privacy Management work center supports you in meeting the data protection Obligation to Disclose principle by allowing you to display and disclose the personal data of employees when requested by the employee concerned. You can search for individual employees and navigate to an overview of all the personal data stored for that employee in the system. From this overview, you can also navigate to the detailed records of the various types of personal data stored for the employee. You can also print a summary of the data to disclose.

Additionally, the system logs every access made by a Data Protection Officer or other authorized user to the Disclose Employee Data overview screen of a selected employee in this view. This logging is provided to support auditing of data protection actions in the system. On the initial screen in this view, select an employee and click View Disclosure Log to open a log of all access instances to the selected employee's data disclosure overview record. The log has a unique ID and shows when the record was accessed and by whom.

In this view you can access all personnel data of one employee from different application areas within Business ByDesign, for instance, work agreement information, time account balances, compensation structure assignments, travel and expense reports, and so on. A summary of this application-specific personal data is available in the Employee Data section in a hierarchical structure that groups the data and displays the number of individual records within each data group. You can also navigate to the detailed employee records by clicking the links provided.

The following application-specific data is displayed in this view, depending on your scoping decisions:

  • Employee Personal Data: Biographical data, private contact data, payment information


    Where no Human Resources applications are included in your scoped Business ByDesign solution, and where the Employees and Service Agents business package is included, only the employee personal data held in the Business Partner work center is displayed.

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  • Identity Data: user and authorization details

  • Work Agreement Data: employee personal data, Personnel File data, Time File data, Compensation File data, payroll-related information (for example, tax and social insurance and pension records), and travel & expense data

  • Resource Profile Data: skills, earliest availability, notes, attachment data

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