Disclose Employee Personal Data


As an administrator with responsibility for data protection issues, and when specifically requested by an employee, you can disclose the employee's data in the Personal Data Disclosure view of the Data Privacy Management work center. You can display a summary of all data associated with the employee that is stored in the ByDesign system and navigate to the detailed records for the various types of information. You can also print the summary of the employee's to-be-disclosed data from this view.


When an employee has a work agreement record assigned to another Company within your organization, you may not be authorized to display or disclose that data. This is due to the access restrictions applied to this work center view. In this case, the system will display the following message:

“Additional work agreements exist for this employee. They are not displayed as you do not have the required authorization to access them.”

In this situation, you must contact the administrator responsible for data privacy in the company concerned, who must disclose this data separately.

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  1. In the Data Privacy Management work center, open the Personal Data Disclosure view.

  2. To display an employee's data to disclose, select All Employees in the Show field. Enter the employee ID or employee name in the Find field and click Go.

  3. Select the employee role from the list and click Disclose Data. The Disclose Employee Data overview screen is opened.


    Before the overview screen is loaded, a dialog box appears informing you that your access to this screen will be logged. You must confirm this message if you wish to proceed.

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  4. For verification purposes, the employee's image, employee ID, or private address can be viewed to check the data for the correct employee will be disclosed.

  5. Click Expand all to view all individual employee records that are to be disclosed. Click the expand and collapse triangle icons to view individual data record summaries for the employee.

  6. Click the links for the individual records, for example Private Contact Data or Payment Information to navigate to the actual employee data record held in the ByDesign system.


    The figure shown in the Records column represents the number of discreet data records (for example, Expense Reports) of the selected type assigned to the employee in the ByDesign system. Data View Limited indicates that data records exist and only a limited number of records can be displayed on the screen at one time. A zero indicates that no records of this type exist for the selected employee.

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  7. For printing purposes, firstly export the overview data to Microsoft Excel® by clicking Export and choosing Microsoft Excel. Then print the Excel file.

  8. Click Close to return to the Personal Data Disclosure view.


You have successfully extracted a summary of all employee data required for disclosure to an employee who requests it.


Your access to the data disclosure overview has been logged.

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