Reports View


SAP Business ByDesign delivers predefined content for reports that are defined in your scope. Reports can also be defined by administrators for business users. The Reports view is a central access point to reports associated with a work center.

The following report types are available.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.



Opening Reports

The report names are displayed as links. To open the report, click the relevant link . By clicking View With, you can open a report either in a Web browser or in Microsoft Excel®.

You can also open reports from the Gallery work center view in which you can browse reports.

Organizing Reports

By default, all reports associated with the work center are displayed and the Advanced find feature is closed.

From the Show dropdown list, you can choose whether to display reports by the following criteria:

  • By Report Category

  • My Priority Reports

    To include or remove a report from your priority list, select the report row, click Priority, and choose Mark as Priority or Remove from Priority.

  • All Reports

  • All Reports - Quick List

    Displays a list of reports, providing only the names and descriptions of reports.

By default, the system displays reports grouped by report category.

For the Home work center, the following additional criteria are available:

  • My Microsoft Excel® Workbooks

    Shows workbooks that you save to the SAP Business ByDesign system. To create or delete a workbook from the Home work center, click Excel Workbook, and then choose the relevant option.

  • By Work Center

  • Mobile Reports


In the Details section below the reports list, you can find additional information about the selected report. There are three tab pages in the Details area of the Reports view.

  • Report Views

    A report view is a modified view of the data available with a report. The Report Views tab page displays all existing views associated with a report. These are divided into three categories: views created by you; views created by a key user; views delivered by SAP Business ByDesign; views created by SAP Business ByDesign partners. and Report views are displayed as links and can be opened directly from this tab page by clicking the corresponding link.

  • Report Details

    Displays general information about a report, including creation and change data. Under Report Categories, all of the report categories to which a report is assigned are listed, for example, Supply Chain – Physical Inventory.

  • Report Assignment

    Displays the work center views and subviews with which the selected report is associated. Note that the list can also include views and subviews from work centers other than the work center in which the report is currently displayed. Note that in the Home, Managing My Area, and Business Configuration work centers, reports may be assigned although they are not displayed in the Reports view.