System Requirements


This document provides information about the basic system configuration and settings that is required to use the SAP Business ByDesign on your device.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Network Requirements

SAP Support may request wired networking during issue investigation.

Supported Operating Systems/Browsers

For Microsoft Windows operating systems we recommend Internet Explorer; for MAC OS, Safari is recommended. Key Users should have access to a Windows PC with Internet Explorer.


If you are using HTML5 client, we recommend using Chrome version 45 or higher. You can also use the following browsers:

  • IE 11

  • Edge

  • Firefox 43 or higher

  • Safari (latest version).

End of the note

Operating Systems/Browsers: Limitations

Additional Software

In order to run Business ByDesign Web Application the following Software is required:

Printer Requirements

Required Browser Settings

The following browser settings are applicable to your on-demand solution.


    Downloading files should be enabled in your browser since the SAP on-demand solution can export files to your PC. If your browser supports restricting downloads by file type, you should enable at least the XML and CSV file types.

    If your browser supports trusted sites, we recommend maintaining the download settings only for the Trusted Sites security zone and adding the following URLs to this zone:

    • Your system URL, or alternatively the general pattern to which the URL adheres, such as https://*

    • The pattern https://*

  2. Pop-Ups:

    The pop-up blocker should either be disabled, or the system URL should be registered as an exceptional site for the pop-up blocker. The remark about Trusted Sites from the Downloads section applies here as well.

  3. Advanced Internet Option Settings in Internet Explorer

    If you use Internet Explorer, make the following advanced Internet option settings:

    • The browser should be configured to use HTTP 1.1, both for connections in general and for connections through a proxy.

    • The user interface of the on-demand solution may react more quickly if you disable the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" setting.

Requirements for Additional Front End Components

SAP Business ByDesign delivers additional software to be installed for specific business purposes and end-users. The software can be retrieved from the Download Center.

Collaboration Window – current Version


SAP Collaboration Window - Asian Fonts Pack – current Version


SAP Add-In for Microsoft Excel – current Version


SAP Add-In for Microsoft Outlook – current Version


Adobe Live Cycle Designer for SAP Business ByDesign – current Version


Add-In for Adobe Live Cycle Designer – current Version


Add-In for Crystal Reports – current Version


Crystal Reports Viewer 2008