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Planning and Consolidation comes with some proprietary tasks. Before you can use them to create custom packages, you must register them in Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer Studio.

You can register all Planning and Consolidation tasks at one time, or do them separately.


To register multiple tasks
  1. Copy the required <task>.dll files from <BPC_home>/BPC/Websrvr/Bin to the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer Studio tasks folder (/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/100/DTS/Tasks)

    Recommendation Recommendation

    You must copy the files on the server where you intend to edit the SSIS packages using Visual Studio. In a multiserver environment, we recommend that this is on the application server tier not the database server tier.

    End of the recommendation.

    The files to copy are some or all of the following:

    • OSoftTaskAdmin2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskAvailable2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskComment2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskConvert2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskDumpLoad2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskFtp2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskLogic2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskMakeDim2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskOwnership2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskSendMail2008.dll

    • OSoftTaskTrigger2008.dll

  2. From the server where you want to edit the SSIS packages, choose   Start   Programs   Microsoft SQL server 2008   SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio  

  3. Choose   File   New   Project  

  4. Select Business Intelligence Projects

  5. Select Integration Services Project

  6. Enter the package name, for example, test1 and click OK

  7. In SSIS, click Toolbox on the Tool bar to open the Toolbox view

  8. Right click the Toolbox label and select Choose Item

  9. In the Choose Toolbox Items view, select the SSIS Control Flow Items tab and then select all the tasks that you copied in step 1

  10. Click OK

This registers the custom tasks and makes them visible in the toolbox. By default, the custom tasks are added to the Control Flow Items tab.

To make a new tab for the custom tasks, do the following:

  • Right click the Toolbox label and select Add Tab

  • Enter a suitable title

  • Move all the custom tasks to the new tab using drag and drop

To register a single task
  1. In Microsoft SSIS, create or open the package to which you want to add the task.

  2. Choose  Task   Register Custom Task  .

    • Task description: Ensure that the task description matches the task name.

    • Location: <BPC_home>/BPC/Websrvr/Bin/[task name].dll

  3. Click OK.