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Procedure documentationCreating a Financial Reporting Process


The financial reporting process is a sequence of different programs that generate data for a financial statement for external accounting. There can be several financial reporting processes for each financial statement. A distinction is made between full runs and correction runs (see Financial Reporting Process).


  • The SDL data-population process has been completed.

  • A financial reporting process can only be created if the previous reporting process for the same balance sheet has been closed.

  • The financial reporting preprocess for the relevant legal entity has been completed.


  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Bank Analyzer Next navigation step Analytics Next navigation step Accounting: Merge Scenario Next navigation step Balance Analyzer Next navigation step Automatic Processing Next navigation step Period-End Processing Next navigation step General Functions Next navigation step Create Financial Reporting Process End of the navigation path.

  2. Enter a legal entity and an accounting system.

  3. To specify the period of time, enter a Fiscal Year and Period.

  4. Select a Value Type.

  5. Select a run category (the accounting system of the run category must be the same as the one selected in step 2).

  6. Enter the number of the financial reporting preprocess. The field is automatically filled with the last financial reporting preprocess for the selected legal entity. If the selection screen appears without a legal entity, then the financial reporting preprocess number is likewise not filled in. If the legal entity has been entered and all the other required fields have been filled, choose Confirm. The financial reporting preprocess number is then automatically filled in by the system.

    You can also enter an old financial reporting preprocess. This is, however, only recommended for the following situations:

    • When no master data has been transferred from the SDL in the new financial reporting preprocesses, and no accounting processes have been run.

    • If the financial reporting process you want to create is only used to correct financial statement items, and changes in terms of the master data transfer (in particular, new accounting objects) are, therefore, not included, or no data is read from accounting.

  7. Choose Execute (F8).


By specifying the value type and run category, you have determined whether the financial reporting process is a standard run or a correction run.

For more information, see Features of the Financial Reporting Process.