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Function documentationMain Screen


The main error handling screen provides an overview of all selected messages, a detailed analysis of one or more selected messages, as well as functionality, such as, restarting and canceling messages.


As shown in the graphics above, the following views are displayed (in standard mode for the SAP GUI):

  • Data Messages view

    Displays all selected data messages in a hierarchy. The messages are grouped by namespace and interface. Optionally, the messages can be grouped by key fields, if these have been defined for an interface.

  • Log Messages view

    Displays the log messages that have been created while processing the selected message(s).

  • Data Structure view

    Displays the structure (record type) of the message data.

  • Data Content view

    Displays the data of the selected message(s).


If you chooseTechnical Mode, an additional fifth view is displayed on the Monitoring and Error Handling main screen. This view displays interface processing and some additional buttons are added in the four standard views (for example, for sorting, printing, and transforming). The mapping steps and actions executed during interface processing are displayed. The view enables you to analyze in which processing steps errors occurred. You can choose a processing step to display the log messages related to it. This enables you to identify, for example, those messages that derived from the value mapping process.

In the main toolbar, the following functions are available:



Technical Mode (Technical Mode)

Standard Mode (Standard Mode)

Switches to technical mode and back to standard mode. In technical mode, an additional view is provided that displays the structure of the interface processing enabling you to filter the log messages. Also, some additional technical buttons are supplied in the other four views. This button is only displayed if you have the required authorization.

Icon Help (Icon Help)

Displays the legend that describes all possible message statuses

Refresh (Refresh)

Resets the content of every view. Reloads all data messages with the current selection parameters.

Restrict (Restrict)

Dialog box to change the date range. After you have confirmed the changed date, the system reloads all data messages with the current selection parameters within the new date range. In addition, you can change the maximum number of messages displayed.

Application Log (Application Log)

Navigates to the application log of the SAP Application Interface Framework (transaction code /AIF/LOG). The application log messages that exist for the selected data message are displayed.

Alert Inbox (Alert Inbox)

Navigates to the alert inbox (Web browser)

Web-Based UI

In the main toolbar, the following functions are available:



Back to Interface Monitor (Back to Interface Monitor)

Navigates to the Interface Monitor

Save (Save)


Cancel (Cancel)


Refresh (Refresh)

Resets the content of every view