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Process documentationSAP Application Interface Framework for IT Personnel


The SAP Application Interface Framework presents IT personnel with various options for configuring the runtime and checking the system state.

The SAP Application Interface Framework provides IT personnel with a menu of Customizing activities to facilitate interface set up. It enables you to reuse interface building blocks (structure mappings, value mappings, checks, and actions), which you and your colleagues have created, over multiple interfaces. You can set up flexible authorization rules and assign the relevant business users to monitor interfaces and to handle errors. You have reports and options for analyzing the operation of the system. Integration with eCATT enables automatic testing.


The above graphic shows the typical activities for IT Personnel when using the SAP Application Interface Framework:

  1. The system is initially configured by defining the error handling application and the trace levels (see Initial System Configuration).

  2. Security is configured by the Customizing of authorizations, for example, to limit access to monitoring and error handling by business users (see Configuration of Security and Authorizations).

  3. Interfaces are created and documented to enable the accurate and reliable transfer of data (see Interface Creation, Interface Builder, SIW Support, IDoc Structure Generation and Interface Definition, Interface Documentation Maintenance, and Status Handling).

  4. Monitoring and error handling is set up by:

    • Defining recipients

    • Assigning users

    • Optionally creating parameter transactions

    • Maintaining engines depending on the interface technology you use

    For more information, see Maintenance of Users and Recipients, Parameter Transactions, and Technology Support.

  5. System operations can be analyzed continuously (see System Operations).

  6. Reports are provided for the following:

  7. The SAP Application Interface Framework enables you to do automatic testing using eCATT (see Test Automation with Extended CATT).

More Information

To access Customizing for SAP Application Interface Framework, in the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Start of the navigation path Cross Application Components Next navigation step SAP Application Interface Framework Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Configuration Next navigation step Customizing End of the navigation path or use transaction code /AIF/CUST. For more information about individual Customizing activities, see the Customizing documentation.