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In the SAP Application Interface Framework, in the SAP GUI version, the selection screen Monitor and Error Handing (transaction code /AIF/ERR) enables you to specify the main parameters that control the range of messages and how they are displayed on the Monitoring and Error Handling main screen.


There is no selection screen available in the Web-based version of the SAP Application Interface Framework. When you use the Web-based UI, you navigate from the Interface Monitor to Monitoring and Error Handling. In the Interface Monitor you can select an interface or a namespace and select Interface Key Fields to enter search criteria for selecting messages, for example, according to status or the time of creation, for display in Monitoring and Error Handling. If an interface-specific selection screen is customized, it is also possible to search using the key fields (see Interface Monitor).


The following are the various selection options available to you:

  • Application Selection

    You can input an application ID. The default value is AIF.

  • Application specific selection

    You can select the namespace, interface name, and interface version. Leaving one of the selection fields empty results in the selection of all relevant objects. The same values can also be selected by choosing Select Interface. A popup containing a tree view with all interfaces grouped by namespace is displayed. The selection can be restricted by entering a message class and a message number. Depending on the application ID, the application-specific selection might be different from this description.

  • More specific selection

    This subscreen is optional. It is only visible if key fields have been assigned for an interface and a corresponding subscreen has been created by a developer. You can search for specific data messages. What you can search for depends on the key fields defined for the interface.

  • Generic selection

    Only messages that occurred within the selected date/time range are displayed. It is possible to restrict the selection by entering a message. The date refers to the point in time when the message was processed in the SAP Application Interface Framework for the first time. It does not refer to the point in time when the message was possibly restarted.

  • Status Selection

    Only messages are displayed that have the selected status. If no indicator is set, then all statuses are selected.

  • Additional Parameters

    If you set the Technical Mode indicator, an additional fifth view is displayed in the error handling. This view displays the interface processing. If you set the Emergency Correction indicator, all fields can be edited, independently of what was defined in the Customizing activities for SAP Application Interface Framework. This, however, depends on your authorization level (if you do not have the required authorization, then the indicators in Additional Parameters are not available). In Max.Number, you can specify the maximum number of messages that should be displayed. If this number is exceeded, the system informs you that more messages were found and that only the specified number will be displayed.

Note Note

If a transaction variant was defined and assigned to your user, the selection screen or some selection options might be skipped or there might be default entries available on the selection screen.

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You can access the selection screen from the SAP Easy Access menu by choosing Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components Next navigation step SAP Application Interface Framework Next navigation step Monitoring and Error Handling End of the navigation path.

Use the selection screen to filter your messages and choose Execute (Execute) to navigate to the Monitoring and Error Handling main screen.