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The SAP Application Interface Framework supports business users in monitoring interfaces with different interface technologies, for example, ABAP proxies and IDocs. It is also possible for users to monitor interfaces that are not processed by the SAP Application Interface Framework interfaces.

Depending on the interface technology of an interface, data displayed in Monitoring and Error Handling is selected from different sources. Also, the restart and cancel functions are supported for all technologies.


To support Monitoring and Error Handling functions for different interface technologies, the SAP Application Interface Framework has an engine factory with many different types of engines, for example, Application Engine, Persistency Engine, Selection Engine, and Logging Engine. Engines for some scenarios are provided by SAP and you can also create your own engines. For more information, see Engine Factory.

When you define an interface, you need to maintain the engines that should be used for the interface. If you do not maintain any settings for engines, the SAP Application Interface Framework default is that the interface is in an ABAP proxy interface that is processed with the SAP Application Interface Framework.