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Reservations enable you to make sure that the reserved material will be available at a later time for a specific purpose. A reservation for a goods issue can be requested from different departments and for different account assignment objects (for example, cost center, order, asset). Material Requirements Planning takes reservations into account so that required material can be procured in time. You can also use reservations as a planning instrument for future goods receipts.

You can manually create reservations or the system can automatically generate them. Automatic reservations are possible for orders, networks, and WBS elements. In addition, stock transfer reservations can be automatically generated. The AFS system supports the creation and processing of reservations at SKU level.


To manually create a reservation in the AFS system, take the following steps:


You can enter a reservation for several materials and storage locations, but for only one movement type, one plant, and one account assignment object.


If an availability check is planned for the material and the movement type, the system will carry out an availability check for each item. If a material will not available on the requirement date, the user will receive either a warning message or an error message, depending on the setting in Customizing.

Please refer to the SAP standard documentation on Reservations for details regarding creating, changing, and canceling reservations.