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Procedure documentation Entering a Goods Receipt for a Shipping Notification  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


  1. To create a goods receipt with reference to a shipping notification, choose Goods movement ® Goods receipt ® For purchase order ® PO number unknown. (For additional information, see also Order Confirmations.)
  2. In the field Shipping notif. (group box: Find Pos for preceding document) enter the corresponding shipping notification number and choose Enter.
    You then come to an overview with confirmed purchase order quantities.
  3. In order to enter the goods receipt at SKU level, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. Here you can change the storage location, the unit of entry, the stock type, the stock category, and the delivered quantities, as well as split delivered quantities of an SKU via Split Qty. (refer to Entering a Goods Receipt for Purchase Orders and Orders).
  4. Choose Copy.
  5. Choose Enter and process one SKU item at a time.
  6. Save the goods receipt.


You can specify in Customizing whether you want to manually enter SKU quantities in goods receipts or have the system copy them. If confirmed SKU quantities in the shipping notification should be automatically copied to the goods receipt, choose in Customizing Materials Management ® Inventory Management and Physical Inventory ® AFS-Specific Global Settings for Purchasing and Inventory Management and set the indicator Copy SN w/o dial in the group box Inventory management.



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