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Procedure documentation Entering Goods Receipt for Purchase Orders and Orders  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To create a goods receipt with reference to a purchase order or an order, choose Goods movement ® Goods receipt ® For purchase order or For order.

Enter the header data, the movement type (for example, 101 PO/Order to warehouse) and the purchase order number or order number.


If you work with confirmations, you can choose whether purchase order quantities or confirmed quantities should be proposed when you post the goods receipt. In Customizing, choose Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Confirmations ® Set Up Confirmation Control ® Confirmation sequence and set the indicator GR assignment for the corresponding confirmation category if you want to receive confirmed quantities as default values in the goods receipt.

  1. In the list that displays the purchase order quantities / order quantities, you have the following processing options:


You receive a delivery with 50 T-shirts in size L with the requirements category quality A. Upon goods receipt you realize that only 45 pieces actually Quality A. You are willing to accept the delivery, but you split the SKU item via Split Qty. You then assign 45 pieces to the requirements category A and 5 pieces to the requirements category B. You can also first post the 5 pieces of quality B to the stock type blocked stock and assign them to another storage location if necessary.

  1. Save the goods receipt. According to your settings in Customizing, the system automatically sets the delivery completed indicator. Depending on your settings in Customizing for the handling of underdelivery and overdelivery tolerances, you will see a warning message when posting the goods receipt that the item at SKU level is flagged as delivery completed.
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