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Each object type that you can translate using SAP translation tools has its own technical shortcut.

For example, the short text object type messages in ABAP systems has the shortcut MESS.

These 2- to 4-character shortcuts have the following uses:

        You can use the shortcuts in transaction SE63 to access objects for translation directly (that is, without a worklist.)

For more information, see Translating Objects Directly.

        You can see the shortcuts for each object type in your personal worklist.

For more information, see Personal Worklists.

        You can see the shortcuts when you expand the statistics according to object type.

See Translation Statistics.

        You can see the shortcuts when you monitor the progress of an evaluation run.

For more information, see Monitoring an Evaluation Run.


To view a complete list of the object type shortcuts in your translation system:


       1.      Call transaction LXE_MASTER.

       2.      On the Languages tab page, choose Object Types.

       3.      Choose a target language.

       4.      Choose the Select Object Types icon.

       5.      The system displays a list of all the object types in your translation system, together with their shortcuts.



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