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A print action record is created if a letter is to contain some additional item of information. You can define this information in a print action record.


The creation of a print action record is usually triggered by a business transaction. There are therefore different ways of creating a print action record. Print action records are determined and evaluated when application forms are printed. In order for the system to determine print action records, the correct search routines must already be in place in the application forms. The following criteria determine the validity of a PAR (print action record):

·        From date

·        To date   

·        Frequency

You can assign an individual text to each print action record. In a print action record, you can also set texts or flyer indicators for further processing. These text or flyer indicators are defined in Customizing for print action records.


You can create print action records as follows:

       1.      In the menu under Print Workbench ® Create Print Action Records.

       2.      With the Create Print Action Record function in an application.

       3.      By calling the Create method for BOR object type BUS4402 (print action record).

Choose one of the options from the list above and specify the properties of the print action record. If required, create an individual text. However, you can only create an individual text if you have deleted the print action record.


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