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Strictly speaking, the Print Workbench is not a tool for processing forms. It controls and standardizes the processes for transferring the application data to the form tool selected by the user to process forms. From this point of view, the Print Workbench provides a standardized infrastructure for processes that take place during printing triggered by an application and that you can configure accordingly.

The Print Workbench supports all form tools provided by SAP equally and guarantees SAP customers the free selection of a form tool with no functional restrictions.

Process Flow

From the view of the SAP application, how the data is used is neither known nor relevant. You can prepare the application data as a form in the SAP system using functions of the Print Workbench, either with SAPscript, Smart Forms, or PDF-based forms or process the data further externally via a raw data interface. If the data is processed further externally, it is transferred from the SAP system to SAPscript via the RDI interface, or to Smart Forms via XSF or XDF, and can then be processed according to local requirements using special software.

Printing Processes and Output Formats

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The SAP system has no control for external print logistics, such as postage optimization or control of printing processes. Outside of the SAP system, form data and other data is increased, or the correspondence categories are sorted and mixed. For large volumes of data, SAP therefore recommends external processing by means of an output management system.



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