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If you want to use the same application form in several clients, you can create links to an application form in another client so that it does not have to be transported or replicated. With a link, when you print, only the runtime components from another client are used.


The target client must not contain an application form with the same name.



       1.      Choose Print Workbench ® Application Form ® Tools ® Create Link in Other Client.

       2.      Specify the (source) clients and the names of the referenced application form and choose Continue.

To create several links in one step, proceed as follows:




       1.      Choose Print Workbench ® Application Form ® Tools ® Mass Processing.

       2.      Specify the clients and the application forms in the selection conditions and choose Program ® Execute.

       3.      Select the application forms that you want to link to, and, using the right mouse button, choose Link. The current clients must not contain the application forms selected for other clients.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text After a client copy, the application forms are created as links to the source clients. If you want to create real copies of the application forms, you can transport them from one client to another.
To manage and automate links over several clients, you can use the reports EFG_CREATE_LINKS and EFG_DELETE_LINKS ; these reports are available exclusively to (system) administrators.


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