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In customer projects, the actual costs are settled, but accrued amounts (such as costs of sales or inventory from which revenue can be generated) are not. You carry out this settlement at billing element level.

For customer projects which you settle in full to Profitability Analysis, it is a good idea to generate the settlement rule using a strategy defined in the IMG. The standard system we deliver includes a strategy for automatically generated settlement rules for customer projects.

The system uses this strategy to generate the following:

If account assignment elements within a billing structure do not contribute to the cost of sales, you can change the settlement rule manually.

If you maintain the settlement rule manually, we recommend you proceed as follows:

You change the settlement profile in the settlement rule for the object by choosing Goto ® Settlement parameters. There is a parameter in the settlement profile which you can use to define whether settlement is forbidden, allowed, or required.

Avoid making settlements within the project hierarchy. These can adversely affect system performance.

For more information on settling customer projects, refer to Structure link Settlement in Product Cost Controlling .

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