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Mobile Data Entry supports both GUI and character-based devices.

RF devices utilize the standard SAPGui (GUI = Graphical User Interface) screen management environment to interact with users. The screens are designed for normal device functions, such as the use of pushbuttons and reduced screen size.

Currently, two device types are supported:

  1. GUI devices (with graphical user interface) that run on Windows 3.x/95/98
  2. Character devices (character-based) under terminal emulation mode


The same set of screens is used by the GUI and character-based environments.

GUI Devices

These devices are connected to the SAP System just like any other client-dependent PC. The screens can be touch screens, using predefined pushbuttons, or they can operate using a keyboard. If you are using touch screens, you simply "touch" the appropriate positions on the touch screen instead of clicking with the mouse on a pushbutton.

System fonts and size should correspond to the guidelines provided in order to achieve optimal utilization of the screen size.

Character-Based Devices

These devices are linked to the system through an SAP standard interface called the SAPConsole. The SAPConsole operates on a Windows NT/Windows 2000 platform and interacts with the RF terminals connected to it. This concept is currently supported by the leading providers of RF terminals.

The actual communication between the SAPConsole and the terminals can be achieved either through the use of a standard Telnet server or through an optimized server that is provided by the RF terminal vendor. The specific I/O engines are integrated into the SAPConsole, which is based on the COM technology.

The following two industry standards for screen sizes are supported:

  1. Devices for forklifts: 8 lines by 40 characters each
  2. Portable handheld devices: 16 lines by 20 characters each

In addition, with user exits, you can define user-specific display sizes that allow every device type to be supported.

With all device types, navigation takes place through function codes that have to be defined on the keyboard.





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