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Purchase requisitions (object type BUS2105) are linked to the DRB, and can therefore be displayed including any linked objects.

This section describes the particular features for purchase requisitions. In addition, everything set out in the general section Document Relationship Browser (DRB) in Logistics is also applicable.


Purchase requisitions can be linked with documents of the following object types:

There may sometimes be additional links as detailed in the general section.


Calling the DRB

You have the following options for calling up the DRB using purchase requisitions:

In addition to being able to execute program RASHMM13 manually, you can do this in the role Document Relationship Browser (SAP_DRB) by choosing the menu path Logistics ® Materials Management ® Purchase Requisition. The program generates a list from which you can access the DRB by double-click.

You can use the following fields for the document selection. You can do so only if these fields are part of the archive information structure used. In addition to the selection field names, the table contains the corresponding field names in the field catalog SAP_MM_EBAN_001.

Selection Via


Purchase requisition






Requisition date


In addition to these are the selection buttons Search in database, Search in database and SAP AS and Search DB, SAP AS and archive which you can use to determine the data source for the display in the DRB. You can find additional information on this under DRB Initial Program.

When you display archived purchase requisitions in the business view (the standard view delivered by SAP) of the Archive Information System you can branch to the DRB by choosing Relationships or via the menu path Document ® Document Relationships.




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