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Sales document which is the central document in Customer Service (CS) to which other Customer Service documents can refer.


The service contract is made up of a header and one or more items.

At header level you specify:

At item level you specify:


The data at header level of the service contract applies to the service contract item until you define alternative data at item level.


After you have created a service contract, Customer Service (CS) arranges for technicians to make the routine service calls which have been agreed on in the service contract. The routine tasks that the technician carries out are billed according to the terms of the billing plan for the corresponding service contract item. The technician may need to perform tasks not covered by the terms of the service contract. If this is the case, CS refers to the underlying service contract to determine whether the customer is charged for these services and parts, and if so, how much. Billing for any additional services or products is initiated by a billing request.



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